Disowned Black-Owned Businesses


Sometimes it feels as though we talk too much without “saying” much at all.  Today we celebrate the independence of white America from the British. That’s not being divisive- it’s the fundamental truth. There are plenty of people either criticizing each other for wearing (or celebrating) the red/white/blue or, reminding us that Black Independence Day is really Juneteenth (June 19, 1865)- and that’s great…

Yet, I’m always amazed when we (self, included) are so “woke” and “pro-Black”, that we refuse to celebrate and support black-owned businesses.  Like FOR REAL support them. Like IN REAL LIFE- not on social media – support them. We sit back and write or post about the overwhelming racism which includes having the police called on us in white-owned and operated businesses/schools/pools, police brutality, children being snatched from parents at the border, and politicians finally removing their racially muted masks. But when Shameka or Travell makes posts about their business venture, no one in the black community REALLY responds.  There are hardly any ‘likes’ or ‘shares’, or recommendations.  They won’t even say “I’m not interested or the market for your product, but I’ll pass it on”.  But we’ll go to the Waffle House, Holt Renfrew (Tory Lanez), or Starbucks and slap down our money. It’s baffling that we don’t seem to understand that we control over 1 trillion dollars- TRILLION – in spending power.

Please don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. I’m not saying that a new business will survive or grow on social media alone –although it can give it a huge boost in the right direction. What I’m saying is just as we say, “when whites don’t speak against racist behavior, they are complicit”, then it’s safe to say, “when we don’t spread the news and support black-owned businesses, we are almost as guilty as those who treat us like crap in their white-owned companies”. I say that because, how can we get upset at these instances and yet go right back to giving them our money? That’s where our guilt lies and we can change that.

So… let’s get serious and redistribute our dollars and rebuild Black Wall Street. That is the only way we’ll be able to push back and make our truth to power be heard by those who chose not to hear.  I’m making my own personal vow to do the same by being more mindful of where I shop.

Here are some links to black-owned businesses in Illinois:



Readers, please leave a comment with black-owned businesses links for your city/state and SHARE.

#Happy Independence Day #BuyFromandSupportBlackOwnedBusinesses

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