Did You Know?

Did You Know poem

I thought of you today but you are not here,

How can you know that you are no longer here?

Do you know?

Can you possibly know that you are already missed?

Did you ever wonder in your heart whether certain people would know you are even gone?

How can you know – or feel awareness of- the deep-rooted shock experienced by all?

How can you?

You are no longer here

I can’t say ‘hello’, ‘how is your day going’, or ‘good-bye, see you later’

There is no later… only good-bye

I can’t enjoy the friendliness in your eyes or the sound of your voice

There was a comfort of knowing that you were simply… in the world

How would you ever know that?

You can’t

I never told you

Never did I say “I admire you” – just because

Never did I say “It was good to know you”

Too late… too late

I can not tell you now

Still, I can’t help but ask

How can you know…

How much you were loved?

Did you know?

©2010 Kim Rosemon-Woods- all rights reserved

**pictures: Homicide Watch Chicago– Homicide.Suntimes.com

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