Am I Really As Bold As I’ve Claimed? My Recent Wake Up Call

For every woman who wants to live an authentic, free, and bold life!

Shy woman peeking through covered face.I love me some O Magazine. It has just the right blend of inspiration, food and fashion. Well, the January issue, did not disappoint. It is all about my favorite subject, “a brave new you”.

I couldn’t wait to dive into this issue. Of course I’m looking for little nuggets of information I could share with my readers, and then it hit me, this issue is actually speaking directly to me. I have a confession to make ladies, I’m not always as bold as I want to be. There are still some moments, I question, doubt and second guess myself. Honestly, sometimes I still struggle with my courage and making a move when the spirit moves me. However, I have to and need to do it more frequently.

As I was reading the issue, I came across a section asking which heroine I was and it highlighted a breakdown of…

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